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Radon Secure Fixes Radon Issues!

The following chart demonstrates the exceptional performance of our mitigation systems. This customer lives in a rural home with 4 young children and a family pet. After we completed mitigation work for one of their family members, this couple purchased a digital radon monitoring device to assess the levels of the dangerous radon gas in their home. They were surprised to find that their radon levels were over Health Canada’s guidelines with many days’ results spiking significantly above the average. They were so concerned; they limited their children from playing in the basement due to the higher concentrations.

This was a large ranch style home and had two open sump pump wells which needed to be addressed to ensure the proper functioning of the system. Once testing was completed, we professionally enclosed the sump pits and installed a system which delivered instant results. The family is now comfortable to live and play in their home again! This data was supplied directly by the homeowner.

Radon Mitigation Levels Chart

Radon levels chart before and after mitigation



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