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We can provide a long-term radon test kit that is placed in your home or business. These analogue devices collect data for up to one year but should be placed for at least 91 days. Once the test period is completed, the device is sent to a laboratory for analysis and the results are then sent back. Tarion requires one of these tests to confirm warranty coverage in the case of high radon levels coverage. While Health Canada recommends using one of these devices for all testing, for other than Tarion warranty claims, the decision around whether to use an this analogue or a faster electronic test is up to the customer.

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We also offer a short-term radon test solution which is a good way to understand whether your property has a radon gas problem. Our digital readers can provide you with peace of mind of knowing if your family is at risk without waiting at least four months to get the results of a long-term test back. Our experts can interpret the test results and provide you with options around whether a mitigation solution is needed or possible mitigation solutions if the results come back high.

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We provide effective Radon Gas Mitigation Systems for all buildings regardless of the complexity of the structure or current Radon Gas concentration levels.


We guarantee, in writing, Radon Gas concentration level reductions lower than Health Canada’s action guidelines for homes, schools and workplaces.

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