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We can provide a long-term radon test that is placed in your home for a minimum of 91 days. Long term Radon tests are the best indicators of true Radon levels in your home and are suggested prior to mitigating.


Health Canada recommends that no radon mitigation decision be made without a long term test.

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We offer a short-term Radon test which can give you a early indication whether your home has a radon problem. Get the peace of mind of knowing whether your family is at risk and, if the levels are elevated, we can move quickly to make your home healthy again.


Health Canada always recommends conducting a long term test, of at least 91 days, to validate results.

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We provide effective Radon Gas Mitigation Systems for all buildings regardless of the complexity of the structure or current Radon Gas concentration levels.


We guarantee, in writing, Radon Gas concentration level reductions lower than Health Canada’s action guidelines for homes, schools and workplaces.

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