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Rural Property with Multi-Zone Crawl Space

This was one of the more complex residential installations we’ve completed but are very happy with the final result!

This property has had 4 additions built on to it from when it started as a waterfront cottage over 60 years ago. These additions created a multi-zone crawlspace with various floor types including dirt, rock outcrops and concrete. The 4 separate zones all had to be connected and vented out one location through the garage. 

Using special radon barrier material, we created sub-slab systems in three of the zones that had rock and dirt floors. Working in these tight, complex spaces required extensive effort to layout and seal the vapour barrier against the uneven side walls and numerous support posts. The fourth zone had a concrete floor and was tied into the system by coring a hole through the slab. A significant amount of planning and measurement was required to ensure both an efficient and visually clean venting system was created. 

Together with the customer, the decision was made to vent the combined system through the unheated garage space. This required the insulation of both the pipe and the fan itself as this was the only spot where it could be located. The system was balanced to ensure even vacuum was created across the 4 zones and was so efficient that the adjustable fan could be set to 50-60% of its capacity to achieve the desired results!

Another outstanding installation!

case study picture 1960s home radon project
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