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1960’s Home with Multiple Additions

This property had two additions, built at different times, both with dirt crawlspaces. One of the crawlspaces was accessible though the original home’s basement while the other one was only accessible though an exterior hatch. 

The initial inspection also identified that the existing sump pump was likely a significant point of radon gas entry and would have to be addressed. Fortunately, we were able to arrange for the sump pump to be replaced, without cost to the customer, which both improved the performance of the system and eliminated the potential for radon gas entry. 

The layout of the basements required two separate systems be installed with one system collecting gas from both the accessible crawlspace and main basement, while the second system addressed the inaccessible crawlspace. Appropriate vapour barriers were installed in both crawlspaces and linked to separate vent fan systems.

Pre-Mitigation Radon Level – 300 Bq/M3

Post Mitigation Radon Level – 37 Bq/M3

case study picture 1960s home radon project
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